Innocent Coffee &TUR established in 2010 is embodied in a detached white 2 storey building nearby Granville Island in Vancouver BC. It is designed, owned and operated by myself (YaWei) and my brother (Jerome). The concept of Innocent Coffee &TUR is initiated from the idea to make fresh and tasteful things in the forms of coffee, pastry and artistic objects. Innocent Coffee is sourced and roasted weekly by Origins Organic Coffee. Pastries are made from scratch daily in house. Everything in the shop is thoughtfully designed, made and prepared by us. After 5 years of sweet labour in the little white house near Granville Island in Vancouver, we are restructuring and rebranding our operation into a retail shop called The Taste and See Shop. Friday, October 30, 2015 was the last day of operation on 1340 West 4th Ave Vancouver (between Birch and Hemlock). We thank you all for the amazing past 5 years. 

As of January 5, 2016 we have re-opened our door as The Taste and See Shop, a super compact 228 square feet multi-purpose retail shop for tasteful coffee, arts and products. The Taste and See Shop is located on 129-1628 West 1st Ave Vancouver (by Fir St, right in the back alley behind West Marine, the blue and white building). We will be operating 7 days a week. As of now the business hours are as follow: Monday – Friday : 7 – 5 / Saturday : 9 – 5 / Sunday : 11 – 4. We will continue to serve the same coffee as before and more. We have brought on a new partner, Moving Coffee, who will be hosting cupping and tasting events, barista workshops and serving you coffee on the weekends. We are also calling for art submission for 2016 (please see “submission opportunities” for details). We have been hosting and curating arts and cultural events since 2011 and will continue to support and showcase artists of all levels.There are many exciting coffee and art exhibition plans for 2016 so don’t miss out!

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